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2021 fall / winter collection “0007”

The COVID-19 pandemic has been surrounding our lives since last year.
So, the last collection we announced relied on the locality of each person's wardrobe, and I thought the focus on the wardrobe would continue this season as well.
If it continues, I wanted to work again with Tenko, who was temporarily back in Japan from Paris due to the COVID-19, and the newly joined artist, pootee, to make a short film to create a new world view.

If last year was a year to get used to spending time at home, this year could be a year to find some fun elements at home and in our heads.
And the idea for the collection was deepened by wishing that the short trips that each of us visualized in our heads (and in our hearts) would be comfortable with various colors.

The title of the short film is "enter this room".

designer: Tsukasa Kudo
direction, Editing and Modeling: Tenko Nakajima
editing: pootee
music: Niclas Hille

model: Tenko Nakajima
photography and styling: Tsukasa Kudo
hair and make-up: Yuko Aika (W)
special thanks: Karin Ohira