2021 spring / summer collection “0006”

This collection features looks made by soduk people living in Tokyo, Paris, London, Berlin and so on.
We believe that today, with the world that has been changed like this, the clothes beams its creativity in one’s life.

Staff Credit
Designer_Tsukasa Kudo
Direction and Editing_Tenko Nakajima and Cheuk Ng
Music_Niclas Hille
soduk people_ Tenko Nakajima, Cheuk Ng, Lena Ernestus, Kristine Krebs, Léopold Duchemin, Turner Barbour, Farielle, Satsuki Azuma, Daichi Sugimoto, Kohaku, Lena Ernestus, Lisa Bayne, Meghan, Rion Nagai
Special Thanks_Karin Ohira